CCBR has benefited from the commitment and creativity of the many people who have worked and volunteered on projects over the past four decades. For each project we build a dedicated team that could include CCBR staff, community researchers, and students. 
Joanna Ochocka
Rich Janzen
Sarah Switzer
Senior Researcher
Janna Martin
Sherry Rezvani
Julia Coburn
CBRC Secretariat
Program Coordinator
Amanda Demmer
Current Volunteer :
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Students & Volunteers

CCBR welcomes interns and placement students to contribute to our work and learn practical skills in community-based research.  Involving interns and students demonstrates CCBR’s commitment to education – providing valuable learning experiences for people who have an interest in and desire to learn about community-based research.
Current Students :                                                            

Community Researchers

Whenever possible, CCBR hires, trains, and supports community researchers. Community researchers are people who live the issues being explored and bring valuable experiential knowledge and community connections. Involving community researchers demonstrates CCBR's commitment to social justice – providing employment and training to people at the heart of the matter and connecting them with a networ­k of community-based researchers.
Current Community Researchers:
Mohamed Afify
Elias Gergi
Iman Abdul Razzak

Theron Kramer Interns

Every year, CCBR hires an individual with an interest in being engaged in community-based research through the Theron Kramer Internship Fund. CCBR and the Community Research Ethics Office (CREO) established this internship in memory of Theron Kramer who was a CCBR board chair, community researcher, and CREO's co-chair for many years. This internship is designed for people who do not necessarily have previous work experience in this field or formal post-secondary education.
Current Intern:                                                                           Past Interns:
Michelle Adams

Board of Directors

CCBR is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Board members are committed to CCBR’s mission and values, have a passion for social innovation, and serve as CCBR ambassadors.
Kokila Khanna
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Paul Maxim
Board Member