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Dayan De Souza.jpg

Dayan De Souza

Centre Researcher

M.A. Social Justice and Community Engagement
Wilfrid Laurier University

Dayan is passionate about building equitable communities, policy and research, and affordable housing. During her master’s, her research focused on addressing inequities related to accessing housing, homelessness, and poverty reduction. This work was complimented by an undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University. Dayan's commitment to creating positive change is reflected in her previous work as an intern at the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. She contributed to their anti-Black racism strategy and worked to improve conditions for Black tenants and staff. These experiences developed her deep understanding of the importance of community-based research in advancing equitable communities and collaborations. With her drive and dedication, Dayan will continue making meaningful contributions to her field and the wider community.


In her free time, Dayan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, expressing love for her Caribbean culture through food, music, and dance. She loves to travel and explore new places, often chasing waterfalls or finding a beach to soak up the sun.

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