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Areej Al Shammiry.jpg

Areej Al Shammiry

Researcher, M.Ed, M.A.
PhD student, Sociology 
York University 

Areej is a PhD student in Sociology, community activist, and a part-time researcher at CCBR. She researches, writes, advocates and consults on statelessness as her topic of expertise. Her research explores the colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and racial foundations of settler/nation-states, migration, citizenship, and statelessness. She is interested in how race, gender, class, and ethnonationalism intersect and inform questions of immigration and belonging. 


Her work focuses mainly on the Arab Gulf region and Canada. She is also a community advocate working on statelessness and is involved in building a Global Movement on Statelessness with affected communities worldwide in collaboration with the global NGOs using a community participatory model. She has also worked as a research assistant for the Intersections of Gender Signature Area at the University of Alberta. Areej’s work is informed by social justice and community-oriented goals and action. She is inspired by anti-racist and feminist and anti/de-colonial socio-political thinking. She has presented at multiple global and national conferences that focus on statelessness, intersectionality, and critical border studies.


Outside academia and research, Areej enjoys hiking, cooking, playing soccer, running outdoors, planting, reading novels and memoirs, travelling, and cuddling with her two cats while watching TV.  

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