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Our Services

Societies face pressing challenges that require innovative solutions. CCBR's experienced team facilitates groups to find effective solutions across a wide range of sectors. Our integrity, expertise, and commitment to quality and equity have earned us a reputation as an innovator and leader in community-based research. As a hybrid workplace with staff located across South-Western Ontario, we frequently conduct and promote community-based research locally, provincially, nationally - and even internationally.

CCBR conducts applied research and evaluation with qualitative and quantitative methods, balancing academic excellence with community relevance. We also promote community-based research across Canada and around the world.

Conducting Community-Based Research

CCBR designs and conducts evaluations to provoke action and build stronger relationships among stakeholders. We help partners to design evaluation frameworks and conduct program evaluations, organizational reviews, and system-change evaluations.  
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Feasibility Studies
CCBR conducts feasibility studies that assess the practicality of new community interventions, programs, and projects. We involve stakeholders to make sure that feasibility considers the unique community context.  
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Needs and Resource Assessments
CCBR engages community members to assess their needs and resources within and across programs, service systems, and groups of people. We stress the importance of collaboration in developing effective solutions.
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Policy Research
CCBR collaborates with partners to conduct research that develops, analyzes, and reviews public policy related to various levels of government. 
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Facilitation and Planning
CCBR facilitates group processes to empower stakeholders in community planning and action. We collaborate with partners on proposal development, strategic planning, and organizational change.

Promoting Community-Based Research

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Training, Coaching and Education
CCBR offers capacity-building services for organizations, students, faculty members, and community members. This includes presentations, workshops, training, coaching, and academic courses.
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CCBR connects people interested in community-based research and evaluation. For example, from 2017-2022 we served as the Secretariat for Community-Based Research Canada, and initiated Community-University Exposition (CUEXpo) Conferences. 
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Ensuring Quality
CCBR has been instrumental in developing resources to ensure that community-based research is done with quality. The Community Research Ethics Office (CREO) was founded by CCBR in 2011 (read more). CCBR also launched the Community-Based Research Excellence Tool (CBRET) in 2018.

How we can serve you...

When you work with us, you can expect more than simple results. Together we can impact positive change through a collaborative, equity and action-oriented approach!
CCBR can be a resource to you in the following ways:
  • Proposal development
  • Customized training & facilitation
  • Tailored webinars
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Evaluating your research project
  • Contracted research tasks
  • Full research partner
Typically projects are initiated in one of three ways:
  1. Contact us directly to fulfill your service needs
  2. Develop a joint funding proposal in response to a tendered request for proposal
  3. Partner with us to shape and seek resources for your own project idea
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