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Hani Sadati

Senior Researcher

Ph.D. Educational Studies,
McGill University

Hani Sadati is a social science researcher and educator, focusing on participatory, qualitative, and mixed research methodologies. His proficiency extends to being an e-learning specialist and a practitioner in game-based learning, especially serious games. Hani is passionate about using research as a tool for social change and creating inclusive environments that empower communities toward social justice. With extensive international experience in research and education spanning Canada, Ethiopia, and Iran, Hani is dedicated to advancing community engagement through transformative approaches and community-based research.


Hani's doctoral research project, titled "Participatory Digital Serious Game Development to Address Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Agriculture Colleges in Ethiopia," enabled him to apply his methodological and theoretical expertise in practical fieldwork. Throughout this endeavor, he actively engaged in effective communication, collaborative teamwork, leadership, and innovative problem-solving. The project's outcome was the development of the award-winning serious game, Mela, which serves as a testament to the success of collaborative efforts in integrating research, education, and community engagement. The Mela game can be accessed via its website:


Before joining CCBR in August 2023, Hani held the position of Education Specialist (e-learning) at Equitas, International Center for Human Rights Education. In this role, he had the opportunity to enhance his involvement in human rights-based and action-oriented approaches, as well as refine his skills in instructional design and online learning environments.


Regarding extracurricular activities, he is interested in travelling, mountain climbing, camping, and swimming. His passion for world heritage sites, especially Iranian historic and natural heritage, led him to become an official Tour Guide, where he received a certificate from Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization in 2015. 


Hani has published in the fields of game-based learning, participatory visual methodologies, community-based participatory research, and socio-cultural aspects of health and nutrition. For more information about his publications, please see this page. Here is also Hani's LinkedIn page

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