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Lisa Schincariol McMurtry

Senior Researcher

Ph.D. Communication & Culture
York University  

Lisa Schincariol McMurtry is a research and communications professional with expertise in feminist intersectional politics. She holds a PhD in Communication and Culture, with a concentration in cultural theory and public policy.  


Over the past two decades, Lisa has held senior consulting roles with multiple firms, taught at four universities, and co-founded a few social enterprises. She has also enjoyed staff roles within the charitable sector, private industry, academia, and government. These varied experiences enhance her understanding of CCBR’s partners and their perspectives. 


Her experience brokering partnerships within social and health sectors has enabled her to cultivate collaborative relationships and create meaningful connections with organizations and communities across Canada. For instance, as a member of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (2015-2018), Lisa helped to negotiate cooperation between the University of Guelph and Indigenous and women-serving groups in Labrador and in northern British Columbia, to advance community wellbeing in areas affected by rapid environmental and economic change.  


Lisa’s evaluation work for international organizations such as MEDA and the International Co-operative Alliance has exposed her to a variety of approaches to evaluation in intercultural spaces. Oftentimes gender, migration, and community economic development have been at the centre of her work. 


Throughout her career Lisa has demonstrated a deep commitment to community-based research and its transformative potential, facilitating projects on a local to global scale. She has been especially committed to addressing gender equity and gender-based violence. Her work is consistently informed by the goals of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, and she frequently works with organizations to develop action plans and resources to meet those goals.  


Lisa has effectively disseminated research findings through academic journals, books, reports, and community forums, factsheets, and videos, as well as through e-learning forums such as Equal Voice’s Online Campaign School Getting to the Gate, and Planet Vu’s platform for foreign film and newcomer integration resources. Her background and ongoing engagement in the arts gives her a deep appreciation for communication tools that extend the impact and underpin the ethics of research.  


Lisa lives and works within the unceded territory of the “Dish with One Spoon” Covenant. She is also an avid traveler and an amateur paddler. 

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