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Equity in the Broader Settlement Sector: Addressing Systemic Racism and Digital Equity across the Settlement Journey

This collaborative research project was led by the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) in partnership with the Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership and Peel Newcomer Strategy Group and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The project aimed to understand the settlement journey of racialized newcomers, with a specific focus on the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Over a span of 10 months and three phases, stakeholders were engaged through interviews, focus groups, and case studies. Findings highlight mixed ICT experiences and persisting challenges, prompting recommendations for flexible service provision and capacity building for the settlement sector.

Project Report & Infographic
Access the report and infographic below.
DE Infographic Final Copy.png

Background Information

  • Collaboratively understand the settlement experience of racialized newcomers, with a specific focus on how ICTs facilitate and impact their settlement journey.

  • Generate knowledge and insights into the extent of racism and discrimination related to digital equity.

  • Identify measures to enhance capacities within the settlement sector, enabling better culturally and racially responsive services for racialized newcomers.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to improving the settlement sector's ability to recognize, analyze, and address digital barriers and obstacles faced by racialized newcomers as they integrate into Canadian society, leading to recommendations for more equitable policies and programming.



1. How do racialized newcomers currently experience ICTs during their settlement journey, and to what extent is this experience equitable? (Lived experiences)

2. What policies and practices are currently implemented by settlement service providers, both IRCC-funded and non-IRCC-funded, to address digital (in)equities? and how effective are these efforts to tackle structural racism? (Current practices)

3. What strategies should be taken to improve policies and practices concerning ICTs, ensuring that racialized newcomers receive equitable support throughout their settlement journey? (Future directions)


Hani Sadati, Senior Researcher, CCBR 

Dina Taha, Senior Researcher, CCBR 

Areej Alshammiry, Researcher, CCBR 

Dayan De Souza, Researcher, CCBR  

Kendyll Cassels, MSW Student Researcher, CCBR  

Rich Janzen, Executive Director, CCBR  

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