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Two new projects at Canadian Mennonite University

The Centre for Community Based Research is partnering with Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) to support two community-based research projects, with mutually reinforcing goals of institutional change. The projects include Developing an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy and Holding Institutions in Common.

The first project will develop an equity, diversity, and inclusion strategy across CMU, using a systems change framework and theological lens. Qualitative methods such as a discussion board, focus groups, and document review will explore the current structures, processes, and vision related to EDI at CMU and seek guidance on an institutional EDI action plan to be completed after the project. The second project will explore what it means for diverse constituent groups to hold CMU in common. Qualitative methods such as roundtable conversations and key informant interviews will be conducted with external CMU constituents with a focus on engaging alumni and constituent group leaders. The intended result of the project will be to support CMU’s diverse constituents to understand how they can hold CMU in common, why this is necessary to the future of the institution, and enable them to develop habits of long-term engagement in and commitment to voluntary association of CMU.


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