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Moving Findings to Action: The Supporting Peer Work Project

Updated: Mar 22

The Supporting Peer Work (SPW) project is a community-guided College and Community Social Innovation funded research project that explores the employment experiences of peer workers in “low barrier” social service agencies in Toronto throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The project aims to support agencies to break down structural barriers to equitable employment and take guidance from the transformative practices of workers with lived/living expertise.

In partnership with the Supporting Peer Work project, the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) will work alongside the steering committee and other project partners to support moving findings to action, so that the project can best impact organizational change at the local level. In addition, CCBR will provide a series of capacity-building activities including, but not limited to: coaching, asynchronous document review, feedback on steering committee agendas, and steering committee training on building an effective launch event. In the spirit of community-based research, capacity-building is multi-directional, meaning that we are also key learners in the process!

For more details on the SPW project:


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