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Inner City Family Health Team Evaluation of SubHub

CCBR will collaboratively design and conduct a process and outcomes evaluation of the Substance Use Hub at the Inner City Family Health Team (ICFHT) clinic in Toronto. Through the Hub, patients have access to life-saving drugs, peer support, and a team of trained physicians, nurses, and support staff. The Hub also offers a safer supply program, to prevent overdose and other harms by decreasing reliance on the unpredictable, unregulated drug market. Our evaluation of the Hub will investigate its effectiveness as a comprehensive substance use care model.

Our evaluation will include participation from people with lived and living experience with substance use to further project development, data collection and evaluation. Client surveys and roundtables, and interviews with clinicians and health navigators, will support us in learning more about how clients experience the safer supply program and its impact on their lives.

The ICFHT provides seamless multidisciplinary primary care to homeless and previously homeless individuals in Toronto. ICFHT addresses health, housing, and social care needs for people who are transitioning to community-based living. They do this in partnership with Inner City Health Associates (ICHA), a group of 200 physicians and nurses offering specialized services to people living on the street and in shelters, encampments and precarious housing across Toronto. ICHA provides integrated care and support to people experiencing homelessness, while seeking excellence in homeless health services and an end to homelessness.


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