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Workshop: Evaluating Refugee Programs- Waterloo

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Do you work with programming that serves refugee newcomers? Attend this workshop to learn about community-based evaluation and how you can build your group's capacity to conduct your own evaluations.

Jointly facilitated by Joanna Ochocka and Rich Janzen from the Centre for Community-Based Research, along with Rebecca Gokiert and Jason Daniels from the University of Alberta, this workshop offers participants an opportunity to understand community-based evaluation through 4 phases: (1) What is evaluation? (2) Why evaluate programs serving refugee newcomers? (3) How to conduct community-based evaluation of refugee programs (4) Planning an evaluation of your own program.

By the end of the workshop, you will have an initial plan to evaluate your program. The plan will be focused on community-based evaluation in order to maximize the participation of multiple stakeholders in the evaluation process and gather the information necessary to ensure that your program effectively addresses the priorities and needs the of refugee newcomers you serve.

Where: Waterloo

When: May 13, 2019

Registration: Waiting List

Options: Sign-up to the Waiting List. If there is enough interest, we may be able to offer an additional workshop!


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