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Presentation: Food Banks Canada Collaboration Lab Workshop

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

On February 21-22, Food Banks Canada held a collaboration lab in Mississauga with 32 Food Banks leaders across Canada. On the first day, Liz Weaver Co-CEO of Tamarack Institute facilitated a workshop on building effective collaborations. On the second day, CCBR facilitated a workshop on collaborative evaluation for collective impact. CCBR prepared for the workshop by interviewing key staff from Food Banks Canada and the network, and then used this data to outline the complexities and opportunities for evaluation within the food banks network.

The workshop participants engaged in a variety of activities over the two-day workshop, including mapping network and resources, a collaboration journey map exercise, and adding to a logic model. Those that attended were excited to learn from other food banks and talk about ways that they could better collaborate as a network.

This workshop was one activity in the larger CCBR project that includes an evaluation framework and evaluation capacity building plan for Food Banks Canada.


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