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Become an Evaluation Mentor for Refugee Programs in Canada

The Evaluating Refugee Programs project led by CCBR is looking for evaluators to be mentors for groups supporting refugee newcomers. The mentor role would involve assisting Canadian groups and organizations with community-based evaluations of their refugee programs. The Evaluation Mentor will support internal evaluations led by community-based organizations or groups.


· Be a part of improving the lives of newcomers who came as refugees

· Contribute to building the evaluation capacity of the resettlement sector

· Find a potential consulting contract

· Opportunity to co-publish evaluation results

· Build new connections & networks

To learn more about how you can become a mentor and help build the evaluation capacity of groups across Canada, email us:

Mentor Qualifications

· Played a major role in developing and/or carrying out two or more evaluations of refugee programs

· Located in Canada

· Willing to complete a brief interview (phone or in-person) with one of the team leads or advisory committee members

· Completed the TCPS 2 Ethics Tutorial (or equivalent)

· Committed to carrying out evaluations that adhere to a community-based approach

· Assets

  1. Canadian Evaluation Society designation

  2. Attended a CBRET workshop

  3. Attended the ECN One Week Summer Institute

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