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New publications in the Engaged Scholar Journal and the Journal of Health Promotion & Practice

The following articles have recently been published by staff and leadership at the Centre for Community Based Research. Please download and read!

Cresswell, J., Janzen, R., & Ochocka, J. (2021). Illustrating the outcomes of community-based research: A case study on working with faith-based institutions. Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning, 6(2), 69-87.

Keywords: functions of community research, community-based research, newcomers, settlement, religious institutions, case study

Switzer, S., & Flicker, S. (2021). Visualizing DEPICT: A Multistep Model for Participatory Analysis in Photovoice Research for Social Change. Health promotion practice, 15248399211045017. Advance online publication.


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