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Community Planning Forum for Newcomer Integration & Belonging

In March, CCBR supported the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) in designing and delivering a community forum that invited newcomers and newcomer service providers to be involved in learning about and determining local community priorities. The event facilitated both knowledge sharing and relationship building. The goal was to ground the community’s priority setting and action planning in the experience and vision of the community members most impacted.   


HIPC shared its track record and evaluation findings with a diverse cross- section of community members. Trained facilitators supported table discussions, held in three languages, as participants explored the relevant issues and actions required to improve newcomer integration and belonging locally. A Miro board, open mic, and panel discussion supported further sharing, reflection and analysis.


CCBR both co-led the forum and consolidated findings from it into a report, presented to the HIPC, with recommendations to guide the city’s strategic directions and action planning.


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