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CCBR staff, students and board members gather to reflect on the past and vision the future

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

On January 20, staff students and board members at the Centre for Community-Based Research gathered to reflect on our collective practice, and strategize on future priorities. Our retreat was held at Criff Hills and facilitated by consultant (and past staff) Kimia Ghomeshi.

Image Description: Staff, students and board members at CCBR gather for a day of reflection, brainstorming, and visioning.

The retreat aimed:

  • To foster connections and relationship building between staff and Board

  • To reflect on CCBR’s history, milestones, and evolution since established.

  • To identify strategic priorities and areas of focus for the next 3-5 years (external projects)

  • To identify areas of growth for the organization (internal priorities)

Key Topics included:

1. CCBR strengths, values and social justice commitments;

2. Social political trends (e.g., including but not limited to growing social movements on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; global economic trends; financial pressures on NGO sector; Institutionalization of CBR; and Growing digital landscape and AI).

3. Reflecting on internal priorities:

  • partnerships, relationships and community engagement;

  • justice, equity, diversity and inclusion;

  • organizational culture, systems and decision making;

  • ways of hybrid working;

  • team capacity and composition;

The retreat kicks off our 40th anniversary at the Centre for Community Based Research.

Stay tuned to more posts relating to CCBR's history over the coming months.


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