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CCBR Leadership Transition

It is with mixed emotions that the Board of Directors at the Centre for Community Based Research announces a leadership transition at CCBR. After 25 years of providing leadership as Executive Director (Co-Director for the past four years), Joanna Ochocka will be retiring effective August 31, 2021. Joanna worked tirelessly in building CCBR into a nationally and internationally recognized leader in community-based research. She leaves CCBR in a very strong position both financially and reputably. Starting September 1, 2021, Rich Janzen will be the next CCBR Executive Director. Rich most recently was CCBR Co-Director and has been with the organization for 25 years.

It is time for renewal and I’m happy to step aside. I am proud of the research capital we have built together during past 25 years, including over 400 projects, research publications, and an extensive network of former staff, students, and collaborators. CCBR became a recognized leader in Canada and beyond. I will remain active, in part through my participation in the Community Based Research Canada. By stepping aside, I am certainly not leaving behind my commitment to the community-based research movement” – said Joanna.

For almost four decades, CCBR has been committed to social justice and to building communities that are responsive and supportive, especially for people with limited access to power and opportunity. We have pioneered and promoted community-based research to create awareness, policies, and practices that advance equitable participation and inclusion of all community members.

We look forward to celebrating Joanna and her achievements in the coming months. And please join us in welcoming Rich as the new CCBR Executive Director.

On behalf of CCBR Board of Directors

Kokila Khanna, President


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