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CBR Capacity Building with Family Child and Health Initiative

The Family and Child Health Initiative (FCHI) is leading a large program of research focused on improving the health and well-being of children, youth and families in Peel Region, Ontario. FCHI is partnering with CCBR to leverage our skills and expertise in community-based participatory research on a several CIHR funded projects, each seeking to address childhood and family health from a structural and social determinants of health lens.

FCHI is an Institute for Better Health led initiative at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ontario, one of the largest, most diverse and growing communities in Ontario.

Projects include: ·

  • Peer Support and Type 1 Diabetes: Incorporating Experiential Knowledge into Service Design with Adolescents and Their Caregivers

  • Evaluating the Peel Community Health Ambassador Program: Building trusting, equitable, and responsive healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Collective Action for COVID-19 Recovery: Co-designing physical activity interventions with adolescents and caregivers Peel Region

  • A collaborative response to addressing family violence with racialized and diverse communities during pandemic recovery in Peel region

Each project, while unique in its design and area of focus, integrates community-based research principles and practice by working directly with affected communities to design culturally-relevant health interventions in the Peel Region. A peer research model is integrated through all projects. Studies draw on participatory visual methods (e.g., photovoice, digital storytelling) or other interactive methods to engage communities in issue identification and prioritization.

Finally, each research team is expertly composed of stakeholders with vast and unique knowledge sets that combine to expertly address each issue under study. CCBR is delighted to join this team! Together, CCBR will work with FCHI to:

1) design and co-facilitate capacity building training to community advisory board members, or other team members less familiar with a CBR approach;

2) coach FCHI on hiring, training, and best practices for supporting peer researchers across various projects, as well as participatory visual methods support where required;

3) co-design evaluation frameworks;

4) support toolkit development across 4 studies.


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