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Amanda Demmer, CCBR Researcher Wins National Evaluation Case Competition

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Amanda Demmer, CCBR researcher is a finalist for the national evaluation case competition, sponsored by the Canadian Evaluation Society. Demmer, alongside a team of other University of Waterloo graduate students, Jiselle Bakker, Sarah Sousa, McKenna Szczepanowski and Thepikaa Varatharajan, won first place and is eligible to compete in the World Evaluation Case Competition in the fall. Demmer and her team's accomplishments were profiled in University of Waterloo's daily bulletin.

Amanda Demmer is currently completing her PhD in the School of Public Health Sciences at Waterloo University. She balances her studies while contributing to many CCBR evaluation projects. To read more about Amanda, and her work, read here >>>

Amanda Demmer, Researcher


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