Raphael Freston

Master of Peace and Conflict Studies 
Conrad Grebel University College

I wanted to get involved with CCBR once I heard about community-based research. By blending social research methods with a commitment to social change, community-based research opens new grounds for critical and moral inquiry. In addition, it is an honour to be with CCBR, which has been at the forefront in promoting community-based research in Canada.

I am looking forward to honing my research skills, to learning from fellow colleagues and our partners, and to engage in a meaningful way with the task of social understanding and change. I am excited to be involved in projects that are guided towards forging adequate responses to social issues and in promoting the ethos behind community-based research.

I have been fortunate to have travelled to and lived in many places around the world. I have a particular taste for Latin America and Africa as my favourite regions to travel to. If I had I could choose to go back to any of the places I’ve been to, I would probably have to pick Uruguay and Ghana.

When I’m not working, my favourite thing to do is to read novels that take place in a different cultural milieu than mine. Two authors that I have recently explored and enjoyed considerably are the Algerian Albert Camus and the Zimbabwean Tsitsi Dangarembga.