Brie Knarr Dodds

Brie joined CCBR in February 2021 as the Theron Kramer Intern. She has been primarily working on the MCC Ontario Social Inclusion Nexus project, starting with a literature review, which will contribute to an analysis framework. Brie has a special interest in researching social inclusion, as she has lived a life filled with social exclusion. She has always had support from someone, even when she didn’t want their help. Brie thinks this internship will allow an opportunity for people to hear her story and share her lived experience and knowledge of social inclusion. She once said at a CCBR meeting, “social inclusion is the most important thing in my life”.


Brie has lived experience of homelessness, addictions, single parenting, and abuse. Brie has experience working closely with vulnerable populations (homeless, addictions, etc.) and advocating with MCC Ontario’s People’s Action Group (PAG). Some activities she has been involved in include PAG BAGS (handing out care packages to people living in tents) and advocating to end homelessness. Being involved with the PAG, Brie brings knowledge of MCC Ontario programs to the CCBR project. Brie hopes to learn about all the good things that CCBR is doing for the community.


Brie is a single mother to her 2-year old son Oliver. Most of her days are spent watching Word Party, playing in the snow, making food, acting like an animal crawling on the ground... But if you really want to know her interests, here they are... Brie loves to travel (her dream vacation is Switzerland), nature walks (waterfalls need to be included!), Cliff jumping, White Water Rafting, rock climbing, and writing.