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Creating a better future for communities through research

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The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration 

The Guide to Action is a practical, interdenominational toolkit for congregational leaders in Canada. It features eleven key strategies (described as "Wayfinding Actions") that Church leaders can use in working with - and learning from - immigrants and refugees. The Guide also encourages individuals and groups to balance the "doing" of settlement and integration ministry with the "being" of a cultivated spirit of love, friendship and welcome. Watch the video below for a brief introduction to the Guide to Action.    


...Or watch the video on YouTube here.  

Click HERE for a copy of the Guide to Action.

FYI: The Guide to Action builds on a series of interviews, case studies, and surveys with faith leaders from across Canada. Click here for more information about the project, and here for a full list of national and local-level research reports.  


*PowerPoint Slides - Guide to Action

Nelson Chang - a Research Assistant on the Churches and Immigrants project - together with other team members from CCBR created a PowerPoint version of the Guide to Action. This PowerPoint is a practical tool for congregational leaders, academics, and community members who wish to share insights from the Guide to Action with others in a presentation format. The slides are available here on the UReach Toronto website. Feel free to download and use the slides to explore to Guide with your congregation, classroom, or community!


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Feel free to share your stories, questions, and ideas with us as you work your way through the Guide to Action.

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