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Creating a better future for communities through research

Strengthening communities

The Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) is focused on strengthening communities through social research.

Founded in 1982, CCBR believes in the power of knowledge to impact positive social change. We are passionate about bringing people together to use knowledge to provide real and innovative solutions to community needs. Our approach to research is participatory and action-oriented in a way that mobilizes people to participate as full and equal members of society.

Community members, marginalized groups, community organizations, government ministries, social and health services, and educational institutions all collaborate with us and benefit from our work. See testimonials.

CCBR is an independent, non-profit organization located in Kitchener, Ontario. We receive no core funding, relying on an entrepreneurial spirit in collaboration with our many partners to start new projects.

See our definition of community-based research.


National Leadership

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Joanna is Vice-Chair of Community-Based Research Canada. CBRC is a network with a vision, "to be a national champion and facilitator for community based research and campus-community engagement in Canada." Click on the logo above to read more about them.

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CCBR has been an active player in the Community-University Exposition (CUExpo) movement since 2008. CU Expo is a bi-annual conference that showcases exemplars in community-campus partnerships across Canada and beyond. CCBR was the main organizer of CU Expo 2011 (hosted in conjuction with the communities of Waterloo Region), was a key advisor to CUExpo2013 and is a member of the CUExpo RFP Nominating Committee. See here for CCBR's presentations at CUExpo2013.